Another day, a few musings.

Ezra and me.

Things have been rough for this wee guy during lockdown. He does not cope well with change (or being cooped up in the flat). Like most 3yr old’s he expresses this in ways that are often trying and exhausting. He has regressed with the progress we’d made with behaviour, eating, and sleeping.

However, I am super proud of him. He has finally  smashed toilet training! This is a huge achievement for us! Pre-lockdown, he was still in nappies. He’d occasionally sit on the toilet but had no desire to do so regularly. But now, he’s dry pretty much all the time (including nights although I totally didn’t expect that.)

Ezra is an amazing talker, he literally never stops! He is clearly very bright and has an amazing imagination. He’s always been a bit behind with physical developments, maybe because he was born almost a month early.

I suspect that he may be on the autistic spectrum (for many reasons but that’s another post for another day). But for now, well done wee man! You are amazing and I love you!

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