Lockdown day ???

Am I the only one who is starting to feel like the daily allowed walk is becoming too much effort? I have to get the kids and myself dressed and out the door for the same handful of walks and I’m just fed up now. It just feels like so much effort for so little.

The past few days, unless my husband is home from work and can help, I have stayed in. We don’t have a garden either so we’ve been properly in. I feel torn, like I should probably make myself go out but the general advice is to stay home anyway. I feel like I’m failing them and myself by staying indoors but I am also keeping them safe, and resting (as much as its possible with two young children) so that I can be an OK mum to them.

Today we painted and had screen time and generally just had a “typical” lockdown day. But I miss normal. I miss my son being able to play with his friends at nursery, I miss the brief chats with the other mums at nursery because that pretty much all of my social life, I miss having coffee in cafes and pottering around the shops.

I’m also worried about my dad who is in hospital up north, not with covid 19, but something else they’ve not been able to diagnose yet. So if you pray, please pray for him.

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