A little bit more about me

I should start by saying that I do not think I’m a perfect mum. I should have perhaps started my last post with that. In fact, I often think exactly the opposite. I do the thing we’re not supposed to do and look at other mum’s on social media and think “wow, they’re doing such a better job of this than I am!”

I have post-natal depression and anxiety (although in truth they existed long before my children were born.) I also have a host of physical conditions which constantly leave me completely exhausted and in pain. As a result, I am definitely not the mum I aspire to be. I’m not even close. But I love my children beyond measure and I try my best. I guess that’s the main thing. Ultimately I want my children to grow up happy and healthy and know that despite my many failings, I love them.

I try to practice positive/gentle/attachment parenting. I co-sleep with my baby Lilianna (Ezra – my 3 Yr old – recently moved to his own bed/room) and tandem breastfeed. I love breastfeeding, it’s not always been easy (that’s a post for another day) but I do. However all this is balanced out by the fact that, especially at the moment, Ezra probably watches far too much TV.

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